Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Snow Is GONE...I'm riding again

What a great day it was today.
Yes, I went riding. I was gonna meet some friends for breakfast this morning, but Mom seemed so depressed, I thought to ask her our for breakfast. We then went exploring in her car...I found a cool new road,right here in my home town. Less than a mile from my house, it went on for about 10 miles...twist's and rises...and lots of farm land. Mom perked up.

I brought her home, and pulled my bike out. Put on my leathers, my scarves, sunglasses, light gloves...and went for a ride. I checked my gas tank, half full...odd...the odometer says 36 miles. Half a tank should read around 50 miles or a bit more...mmmm ah well...get gas later.

I'm in the saddle and I stop at Sycamore Shoals for the encampment going on there. That encampment reflects the 1700's.

I left the Fort and headed North. I found SR 400 and headed South for a time. As I twist and turn on this road, I decide to chase a small side road called Piney Flats Road. I've never been on this road, but it is a fine road. I twisted and turned through some wonderful little hamlets and loads of farm land. I was on the Quilt Trail for NE TN. I found a couple of great barns with quilt designs on them...

Stopping to photograph them, I also discover this grist mill farmstead. Got some decent pictures...

Left the Mill and started to head west on another undiscovered road. I've covered thirty miles now...and forgot to get gas. I realize from the miss I now feel in the engine, I'm running out of gas. I get myself turned around so I can coast downhill toward some buildings off to the North. I got a good enough run before the gas gave out, to get me down to this place. It was some long forgotten "salvage" yard. I called my brother, he came to my rescue with a gallon of gas. I passed the time by taking pictures of the salvage yard! (My reserve don't work, it hasn't worked since 2005.)

Mark came with the gallon of gas and I'm ready to go once more. It's already time to go home. I continue to head North toward home. Stopping at Green Hill Cemetary to photograph the headstones there. Most have been there since the Civil War.

I'm done...and going home...thanks for coming...